From frame to finish, large jobs or small, we do it all. In addition to the services listed here, we can also help you with all phases of the construction planning process, from finding land for a new home to designing an addition around a tight budget. Please contact us for help with your upcoming projects -- estimates are always free!

Super-efficient New Homes and Additions

In today’s economy, anyone building a new home or adding to their existing home should have energy efficiency as a top priority. At JD Howell, we specialize in energy-efficient new construction, from the planning stages to finished product. We build our own R-50 ICF (insulated concrete form) foundations, and have extensive experience with passive solar construction, the use of thermal mass and radiant heat systems, and the use of smart framing, rigid foam, SIPS, and other techniques for reducing thermal bridging, air leakage, and heat loss in general. Unlike many contractors, we are open to new, innovative building systems and are more than likely to offer a few energy-saving ideas of our own. We also work closely with PV, wind, and solar thermal installers and can help you integrate these alternative energy systems into your project.

Historic Renovations and Energy Efficient Remodels

We got our start restoring ship captains’ houses on Nantucket, and have great appreciation and respect for New England’s traditional architecture. Some of our favorite projects are those that breathe new life into old classics, preserving historic charm while making old houses more healthy, efficient, and comfortable. We also encourage the use of recycled materials, including beautiful old doors, repurposed beams and barn boards, and other old treasures.

Timberframes and Enclosures

Working closely with a timber framer from the mountains of western Maine, we offer beautiful, traditionally-styled handcut timberframes in native white pine, hemlock, and oak. We also have experience with a variety of timberframe enclosure systems, including Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), and a variety of site-built rigid foam wall and ceiling systems

Fine Finish Work, Custom Cabinetry and Countertops

Fast, super-tight finish work is our bread and butter – when not on our own jobs, we hammer out finish jobs for larger high-end contractors on the Maine coast. If you want interior trim and flooring that will stand the test of time, make the right decision the first time – hire the pros.

Thinking about that new kitchen or bath, window seat or bookcase? Our tiny Waldoboro shop produces beautiful, competitively-priced cabinets, vanities, and built-ins in styles ranging from colonial to contemporary, as well as wood, laminate, and concrete countertops. Please contact us for a free quote!

Solid-wood countertops are a fraction of the price of granite.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Spaces

Summer is short in Maine, and the best way to take advantage of it is with a beautiful, low-maintenance deck or screen porch. Since 1995 we’ve built dozens of stunning decks and porches that will last a lifetime, using both native and exotic wood species. We also have extensive experience in stainless steel railing systems.

Tiling and Painting

Yes, we do tile and paint, too! Why hire subcontractors and get more people involved when you can keep it in house, save money and get it done faster? Our painters have years of experience on high-end projects and our precision tilers produce sharply detailed, durable floors, showers, countertops and backsplashes. Think tile is too expensive? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Roofing, Siding, Home Repair and Maintenance

We install all varieties of roofing (wood, metal, asphalt, and rubber) and siding (okay, we don’t do vinyl). We also install replacement windows, fix sticky doors, replace rotten sills, and do pretty much everything, on time and at a reasonable price.