For nearly fifteen years, JD Howell has been focused on building super-insulated, low or zero-energy homes and super-efficient remodels throughout Midcoast Maine. Much has changed in the world of building science and ‘green’ construction and this is an exciting time to be working in this field.

There are many benefits to building a net-zero home or renovating your home to make it more efficient. Not only are today’s high performance homes less expensive to heat and cool, they are also more comfortable to live in and have higher air quality and higher resale value. In most cases building a low-energy home is the biggest single step you can take to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. And contrary to popular opinion, low-energy homes are not necessarily more expensive to build than conventional homes.

One of the most common catchphrases of the sustainable building movement is net zero. Net zero buildings create as much energy as they use on an annual basis, by combining a low-energy building envelope with on-site renewable production.  For several years now, most of our new construction has incorporated some degree of solar energy production and has been net-zero or near-net-zero, and utilize no fossil fuels whatsoever. 

Passive House buildings, first developed in Germany, utilize continuous super-insulation, highly efficient windows, extreme air sealing and mechanical ventilation to create buildings that use 90% less energy than traditional code-compliant homes. In 2015 JD Howell was certified by PHIUS, the US’s first national Passive House organization, as a Certified Passive House builder.

Whatever your project or low-energy ambitions, we look forward to working with you make your home a sleek, low-energy beauty! Here is a partial list of the many energy-saving measures we can help incorporate into your new (or old!) home:

Net zero new homes

Passive House construction

Super insulation using SIPS, ICF, and double wall construction

Adding exterior insulation to an existing home

Replacing windows

Adding basement and attic insulation

Installing ERV and HRV fresh air systems

Install high efficiency heat pumps

Installing solar panels